Luana Martucci founded the Lawrence A. Martucci Benefit, Corp. in 2011 in honor of her late brother Lawrence who lost his life to cancer treatments at 6 years old. After Lawrence was diagnosed right before his 4th birthday with a life-threatening tumor, Luana's family spent countless weeks, days, hours in and out of hospitals supporting Lawrence through two years of treatments only to lose him, cancer free in 1992. Luana did not want to see her brother's strife go in vain and therefore swore to dedicate her time to honor him and to support research for a prevention, because the true goal should be a world without cancer.


Committed to preventing cancer in all children, raising awareness, and supporting families impacted by treatment.

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Committed to supporting the prevention of childhood cancers through awareness and support of non-for-profit research facilities that are dedicated to finding a prevention to childhood cancers. In addition, supporting the families that have children going through cancer treatment by improving their lives in any way we can.


The Lawrence A. Martucci Benefit Corp. is a Florida Non-Profit Corporation and Charitable Organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Please contact us directly for tax exemption information.

The Lawrence A. Martucci Benefit Corp. is taking an active roll in supporting non-for-profit organizations researching vaccines to prevent and cure childhood cancers and in addition improving the lives of the families of the children who are going through cancer treatment.

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